flooz bots

pro tools for web3

We are building the bots that we wish existed when we started out. Flooz Bots are engineered to improve how projects manage and maintain their communities.

Simple, effective and free.


For Discord
powered by Flooz Superkeys

Membership in Web3 for Discord: Gate access to channels and roles behind a token.

Its built for running Discord Communities with ease. Simple, secure and free to use.

Gate access

Gate access to channels and roles behind any token.

Discord native

Discord ready and can be set up in under 5 minutes.

Unlimited channels

Gate as many channels as you like!

New Features

More coming soon! Want to contribute, click here.


For Telegram

Flooz Trade Bot is designed for any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token (more chains coming soon).

Use /stats to display real-time data.
Use /buzz to display “Buzz” - social data.

Your Branding

Beautifully designed charts, shown with your own branding.

Linked to CMC

Relevant market data including market cap, volume traded etc.

Passive Income

Link the bot to a Flooz referral code and get paid instantly, and automatically for each trade.


Line or candle charts? Set your preference as default, or let your community decide.

Buzz Feed

Interact with “Flooz Buzz” - add comments, see the latest trades and up/down vote your favorites.


Set it up in 60s.
Discord support coming soon.